Fire Prevention Solutions

Ideal Quality Solutions Co., Ltd. is able to provide fire prevention or fire protection to industries plants, commercial building or complex buildings to prevent people, property, process plants and assets from fire hazard. The system will compose of fire detection, alarm control panel and fire suppression or extinguisher system.

A risk you can’t afford to take

Fire in business premises often have dire consequences.

The loss of machinery and equipment, delivery bottlenecks and the loss of market share and customer can lead to financial ruin. This is no exaggeration. International research has shown that 78% of all companies that suffer a major fire are out of business within three years. Risk that threaten the continuity of a business must be eliminated, so responsible managers make fire privention an integrated part of company operations.

Time as safety factor

A critical in fire prevention is the between the discovery of the fire and the moment action is taken to put it out. The shorter the response time, the less severe the direct and consequential damage will be.

Early intervention

An effective fire extinguishing system either puts fires out at an early stage or prevents them from starting at all.

This is particularly important for business in which high risk factors are involved, such as:

  • Immediate risk personal injury or death
  • Very valuable property (inventory, equipment)
  • Significant loss of income
  • Danger of explosion
  • High risk of fire (hot surface, engine testing, generators, transformers)
  • Highly flammable materials (cotton, flammable fluids)
  • Poorly accessible areas (cable wall ducts, distributor rooms, under floor cavities for cables)

3 Phases of fire prevention:

1). Fire detection solutions

  • Flame detection
  • Heat detection
  • Smoke detection

Siemens manufacturer and supply flame, heat and smoke detector to early prevention of fire hazard.

Fire Detection Solutions

2). Fire alarm and control solutions

  • Non addressable
  • Addressable

3). Fire suppression solutions

  • Sprinkler system
  • Fire water system
  • Foam system
  • Chemical and clean agent system
  • Portable fire extinguisher

Siemens manafactured and supply chemical and inert gas fire suppression for fire prevention system.

Fire Suppression Solution