Aturia Fire Pump
Manufacturing NFPA 20 standard fire pump with FM certificate. The pumps produce are such as end suction pump, split case pump, vertical inline pump and mixed flow vertical turbine pump.

Aturia Fire Pump

Aturia Fire Fighting Pump


Split-Case Type PDN-PD

Aturia Horizontal Fire Pump
FM Approved horizontal split-case type centrifugal fire pump are relatively simple to operate and repair. These pumps hava a two-part casing divided in a horizontal plane through the shaft center line. They are well suited to fire protection service where a water supply is obtainable under a positive head.


Shaft, Turbine Thpe VAB

Aturia Vertical Fire Pump

Vertical shaft, turbine centrifugal fire pumps have submerged impellers contained in a series-bowl assembly at the bottom of a vertical shaft. The design is similar to pumps used extensively for industrial and muncipal service. These pumps are FM Approved for discharging water from lakes, streams, open sumps, drilled wells and other equivalent subsurface sources.

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