Fire Suppression

Fire Suppression Solutions

  • Sprinkler system
  • Fire water system
  • Foam system
  • Chemical and clean agent system
  • Portable fire extinguisher

Siemens manufacture and supply chemical and inert gas fire suppression for fire prevention system.

Sinorix Cerexen

Extinguishing agents: nitrogen, argon or carbon dioxide.

Sinorix CDT

Extinguishing agents: nitrogen or argon at a constant discharge pressure.

Sinorix 227

High and low pressure technology combined with the world’s most widely spread chemical extinguishing agent.

Sinorix 1230

High pressure technology combined with a state-of-the -art chemical extinguishing-agent.

Sinorix GasSpray

Extinguishing agents: fine water mist and nitrogen.

Sinorix CerSpray

Extinguishing agent: water vapor spray.