Service Business

Ideal Quality Solutions Co., Ltd. provide system integration of gas detection, fire prevention, access and security, process analyzer system including design, installation, test and commissioning, and also be able to provide maintenance, system and equipment upgrade, and accredit of gas detection system, fire prevention system, access and security system, and process analyzer system.

The service system provide are strictly conformed to NFPA standard, international accepted industrial standard, manufacturer and industrial recommended practices.

Ideal Quality Solution Co., Ltd. is able to provide yearly inspection and preventive maintenance services and system accredit to customers, which are consist of the following area.

1. Gas and flame detection system and components preventive maintenance and calibration services.

2. Fire prevention system inspection and preventive maintenance service of fire system and components. The service consist of the following area.

  • Fire protection or prevention system
  • Fire detection and alarm system
  • Flame detection
  • Heat detection
  • Smoke detection
  • Fire alarm control panel
  • Communication system

3. Fire suppression system
    3.1 Water based fire prevention system
        3.1.1 Fire sprinkler
        3..1.2 Fire water
        3.1.3 Fire hose
        3..1.4 Fire nozzle / monitor
        3.1.5 Fire hydrant
        3.1.6 Water based foam
        3.1.7 Fire pump and drive engine
    3.2 Clean agent fire prevention system
        3.2.1 Inert gas based fire prevention
        3.2.2 Chemical agent based fire prevention
        3.3 Foam fire prevention system
        3.3.1 Protein and chemical foam fire suppression
    3.3 Portable fire extinguisher